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Hey guys and hope you are having a great 2015 so far! Today I am submitting my sequel to The Youngest Mermaid! I hope you all enjoy it.

It seems weird and cool at the same time, but the theme for me this year with my fanfics is 'sequels'. I will be doing a total of 4 or 5 sequels this year!

I'm pretty excited. This month, I am doing this sequel and then a sequel to my A Prince For Mint fanfic. I hope you enjoy the stories I plan to write this year in 2015!

For now I'll leave you with Ash and Serena pictures I found on serebii of Today's ep that aired in Japan. :)

Dp114 by HavingHope5

Dp116 by HavingHope5

Dp176 by HavingHope5

Dp186 by HavingHope5

Dp187 by HavingHope5

Dp188 by HavingHope5

Dp192 by HavingHope5

I LOVE so much how they are next to each other in each of these pictures. 27 days until their first date that will air in Japan! :heart:

Feb 5, 2015. :heart:

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Chapter 6

The girls were walking along the sidewalk and they stopped for a moment. They saw a group of kids huddled in a circle.

"What's going on?" Marisa asked.

"I don't know, let's go check it out." Mariah said.

The girls walked towards the group of kids. They all looked to be about 12-13 years old, so they were about the same age as Mariah and Marisa.

When they came to see what the children were doing, it was two young boys playing some sort of marble game.

The girls were looking at the two guys that were playing. Marisa and Mariah looked at each other. Whoa, were they in love!

The group of children were cheering the boy's names. Their names were Riko and Riki.

The girls assumed that they were fraternal twins or either cousins. Their names were so similar that they had to be related somehow.

After several minutes, Riko beat Riki. The children that were cheering for Riko were cheering away and then the children that were cheering for Riki were all of a sudden silent.

"Man, you beat me again!" Riki said.

"Well, it's okay, bro, you will be better than me someday. Just keep on practicing."

Mariah and Marisa looked at each other, they were twin brothers.

Riko and Riki were walking away from their friends when they noticed Marisa and Mariah.

"Do we know you?" Riki asked.

"No, we are visiting from East Heaven." Mariah said.

"Whoa, are you guys from the castle, or from the actual village?" Riko asked.

"The castle. Our mothers are going to be the queens someday. Our grandfather is the king for now until he passes away." Marisa said.

"Wow, that is cool. I'm Riki and this is my twin brother Riko. We are fraternal twins." Riki said.

"Nice to meet ya." Riko said.

"I'm Marisa and this is my cousin, Mariah." Marisa said.

"Hi, I was wondering if you boys would give us a tour of the city?" Mariah asked.

The boys smiled and led the way.

They spend the whole day touring the city and the girls were already in love with these boys. They were also the same age as the girls, 13 years of age.

After that when they walked them home, they asked the girls out on a date and they both said yes. They would go out the next night. It was weird for the girls, they would possibly have boyfriends soon.

Would their mothers approve? We shall see.....
Girls Just Gotta Have Fun Chapter 6
New chapter! Enjoy! Characters belong to SQUARSOFT! DO NOT STEAL!!!!
Chapter 5

After a day's walk from their Aunt Claire's house, they finally arrived in Celestial City.

The girls were quite mesmerized of the village and the scenery around it.

"Geez, I would love to live here." Mariah said.

Marisa shrugged. "Eh, it's an okay town. I don't know what is so special about being here anyways.

Mariah rolled her eyes. "To get you out of the castle. Come on, doesn't this beat studying in your bedroom all day?"

Marisa smiled a little. "I guess, it does make me curious and want to go exploring!"

Mariah smiled. "Great! Let's get checked in at the inn and then we can go check out the shops."

Marisa sighed. "At least we have enough money to stay here for awhile. How long do you think we will be gone?" Marisa asked.

Mariah sighed. "I don't know. I wouldn't mind being gone for about two weeks, is that too long for you?"

"Well, a little, but it if helps me to stay away from home, then I'm fine." Marisa said.

Mariah smiled at her cousin and they both walked into an inn and checked in.

After that, they decided to explore the town. There were so many shops that the girls have never seen before. They even had shops that East Heaven Village didn't have.
Girls Just Gotta Have Fun Chapter 5
New chapter!!! Enjoy, Characters belong to SQUARESOFT!! DO NOT STEAL!!! :)
My next journal should be on Valentine's Day! (Feb 14th) :)


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What Character From Final Fantasy IX Are You?
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I don't know what happened to all of my info, I edited it the other day and then the next day it was all gone!

But my name is Rebecca and I love to draw, but I won't be posting anymore art or wallpapers...cuz of copyright rules...instead I will do photography and make several fanfics! So hope you will watch me and enjoy what I will submit! :)

Also....very important!!! DO NOT STEAL MY ART!!! My photography is my own artwork!! If you steal from me without asking! You will be in big trouble! If you wanna use my photography....ask me please and credit me please! not STEAL or DOWNLOAD anything from me ok? :p

My best friends on DA are: ~HelloImaNinja, *Stardust-Phantom, Relic-Angel, and FictionHighway. :huggle:

My wonderful family listened in order:

Melli Martinson, my ff9 buddie and my soul sister

Maddie Allen, my movie night buddie and my hugger I can hug the most!

Mackenzie Gray, my duck and beaver fan buddie and my laughing medicine!!!

Danielle Duren, my bubbly buddie and my smiling medicine!!!!

How I love all of my besties so much and miss them like crazy when they are away...:( Thank the Lord for best friends!!!! :heart: :tighthug:

My fave animes are Pokemon and Ouran High School Host Club. :)

My fave couples are: Vivi&Eiko, Garnet&Zidane, Link&Medli, and Jill&Rock

My fave video games are: Zelda: Wind Waker, Final Fantasy 9. Spyro the Dragon, Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, and Threads of Fate

Things I am working on at the moment:

On Jan 15th, I will be doing a sequel to A Prince For Mint. This will also have 10 chapters. :)
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